Sunday, April 5, 2009

Starting a trip to Europe in April 2009

Here is one of my tradition that every April (Hot Season of Thailand -- actually a very hot season) we need to go for a long trip -- again, this is Europe trip (Bangkok to Paris to Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Paris before back to Bangkok).

Flight to Europe from Suvanabhumi Airport took off by midnight -- it's a kind of free flying since I redempted my frequent flyer score from Thai Airways !!! Now, first meal started -- I'm not crazy but I like eating at airport ... Below was meals that we had after passing the immigration ... Chicken Burger (even it looked pale - but I like it since it's a minced chicken grilled with sesame bun) and Pomorodo Pasta (tomato sauce was a bit spicy since I guess chef put some chilli in).

Since we don't bother much about airway meal especially from Thai Airways !!! We did not pay attention much on 1st serve as they called dinner. Then after 1o hours in flight before landing, they served us breakfast. Here're typical Thai Airways Breakfast -- Omlette & Sausages and Special Meal Seafood which they selected fish, shrimp, scallop with vegetables !!!

Umm I won't say much since we were only looking for good coffee & croissant at Paris only ...

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