Friday, April 10, 2009

Belgium Strawberry (with Chocolate) at Godiva

If you read my blogs previously when I travel abroad, I normally find strawberry and find the way they do with strawberry locally. For reference check out previous blogs at strawberry of other countries.

Again, this is the time for Belgium's Strawberry ... Since Belgium is well-known about their chocolate so it's an strawberry coated with chocolate ... However, I tried it at Godiva Chocolate Shop ...

The process was shown at the front of the shop ... to get attention, of course. Big Strawberry was selected and dried with clothes then dipped in Godiva Chocolate ...

I was amazed again with the size of strawberry ... including how dedicated the Godiva had since there were also a Godiva Logo at the bottom of strawberry !!! I won't mention about Godiva Chocolate taste ... everyone must be aware of the quality ...

How about the strawberry itself ... Ummm, very juicy indeed ... the aroma was not as strong as Japanese. Therefore, for me, Japanese Strawberry is the best !!!

If you want to know why I love Japanese Strawberry click : Japanese Strawberry or Japanese Strawberry Daifuku
However, I would like to compare with US Strawberry too, so click : American Strawberry

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