Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Verona Ristorante - Italian Speciality

Antwerp is a major port and this reflected in the very exotic range of tastes from all over the world. Same as the food, you can simply find Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Cambodian, Russian, Turkish, Greek, and of course from nearer such as Spanish and Italian.

Therefore, we decided to taste Italian Food one evening -- After walking around, we found that at the back of Groen Plaats on Oude Koornmarkt Street, there were a lot of Italian Restaurants (including other nationality). However, there was one restaurant name 'Verona' that catch our eyes -- not only it's near Belgian Heritage Shop (Famous Tin Tin character shop) but also a lot of local customers seating outside (since before dark). The clear glass with black frame at the front was able to show people outside how pack the restaurant inside was also. The size of 'Verona' was big as seen from outside, 2 floors with a big stair at the front of door. Seating was set in casual wooden material.

Now, about food, it did not destroy our intention to taste Italian Food since it's a real Italian taste -- starting from chef and waiters, they are from Italy. Therefore, if you close your eye and listen all of them talk, you would think that you are in Italy !!!

Proven by the pictures, Tomato Soup (6.10 Euro) ... a very big hot creamy tomato soup in a big bowl. When I mentioned real tomato soup, I mean real since the texture of soup still has the fibre of tomato shown (see below right picture)

Next we also ordered Pasta one was Spaghetti Serina (8.80 Euro) which consisted of artichoke, mushroom, and garlic. As the colour shown, it was mixed with tomato base again but with a little aroma of garlic. This made the taste was not boring. The other pasta dish was Tagtallini alapesto (9.10 Euro) which was pesto sauce. This was not a normal pesto which made from only normal basil ... it should be special recipe since I can taste more than Italian Basil and Pine nuts. Look at the colour since it's not greenish !!!

Ristorante Verona
Italiaanse Specialiteiten
Oude Koornmarkt 28a
2000 Antwerpen
Tel : 03-226-86-22

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