Wednesday, April 15, 2009

French Crepe - City Crepes Cafe

Another easy meal in Paris (or France) is having a crepe. Crepes in France are both with a sweet or savoury filling. You can eat them as you walk along the streets or enjoy them in a cafe or restaurant.

Crêpes originate from Brittany, a region in France's northwest, and are now enjoyed throughout France. Old rumours say that crêpes were started in this region because it was extremely difficult to grow enough wheat to make bread due to the poor quality of the land.

Here is a street walk crepe stall (when we went to the Montmartre Hill -- a bit tourist trap type of stall but the taste was also good ... It's a kind of walking-to-eat snack in the paper handling packaging ... inside was filled with 'Bonne Maman' -- translated as 'Good Mother' brand, a local French jam like our Thailand Best Foods. Huh, but when we buy in Thailand, it was so expensive ?!?!

Now, comparing with crepes that we also had in cafe called 'City Crepes Cafe' in St. Germain des Pres ... It's a French own cafe where selling only crepes (but decoration especially the pictures were all American) ... City Crepe lead to all dishes name after the main city in the world !!!

In France, there are main 2 types of crepes which are what we ordered

Crepes Salees (or Savoury Crepe) Commonly known as a galette, normally are made with buckwheat flour with no sweetened taste. It can be filled with cheese, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, ham or a variety of meats.

But our order were spinach, mushrooms, and cheese ... It may look plain but the more we ate, the more intense taste we had ... crispy outside but soft melted cheese and other filling inside !!!

Crepes Sucrees (Sweet Crepes) : are made with wheat flour and lightly sweetened. This type of Crêpes always with a fruit syrup filling, or fresh fruit inside with a sprinkle of sugar or cream or ice-cream. What we had was Apple with Vanilla Ice-cream.

Yes, the texture of crepes itself was different from the first one (softer and more sweet). Inside was baked apple -- big piece of apple which passed well baked process ... very tasty !!!

City Crepe Cafe
73, rue de seine, 75006 Paris
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