Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meal when traveling with Thalys Speed Train

After we landed at Paris, our trip continued directly to Antwerp with Thalys (a Hight Speed Train of Europe). This train cover Germany, France, Belgium, and Netherlands.

Our booking was done in Bangkok via Diethelm Travel Thailand -- Recommended to book 1st class since the seat will be booked up in advance. Train take off at Gare Du Nord, Paris which takes 2 hours to Antwerp, Belgium ...

After 5 minutes, the freshener was served started with cleansing wipe which said about wifi on board for FREE !!! Thanks to Thalys -- this is the first real time update on my blog !!!

With the 1st Class level, there's snack served ... actually it's a light snack just a little bit before lunch (according to my schedule we should arrive by 12.30am.

Ham & Chese Sandwiches, Croissants, Madeleine, Fruit tart, Coffee, Tea, and Cold Refreshments ... These were all served by a guy with a cart (which I will call this Thalys Boy) !!!

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