Friday, December 11, 2009

NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

As you may know, NOBU is one of the world’s acclaimed Japanese restaurant -- known for its innovative new-style Japanese cuisine ... people keep waiting and wanting to experience at NOBU RESTAURANT.

NOBU restaurant in fact is co-owned by Chef Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa who is known for his innovative fusion cuisine mixed a traditional Japanese dishes with South American ingredients.

We experienced on lunch at NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong on day ... mostly the dish we ordered were set lunch ... starting with green salad with Japanese Dressing ... including in all lunch set

Donburi Lunch -- Oyako Donburi (HK$130) served with salad, Miso Soup, and Oshinko (pickle vegetable)

Unagi Donburi (HK$180) -- Japanese Eel served with salad, Miso Soup, and Oshinko

NOBU LUNCH DISHES includes Salad, Miso Soup, Rice & Oshinko
Salmon with Teriyaki (HK$165)

Tempura Lunch (HK$185)

Also one sushi ... consists of salmon skin ...

Anyway, I won't say much about NOBU Hong Kong here ... if you want to try or experience what Chef Nobu has innovated on, go for it. Noted that Chef Nobu himself does not be here since he has Norwegian-born executive chef Oyvind Naesheim, who was previously second-in-command at Nobu's very popular London outlet together with the assistance of executive sushi chef Hideki Endo and the rest of his team instead.

However, I provide you this link for one restaurant review about this place (which I tend to agree with her). See : Nobu Hong Kong Restaurant Review ...

Nobu InterContinental Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road
Hong Kong

Open daily for lunch from 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm and dinner from 6:00 pm -11:00 pm.
For reservations, please call +852 2313 2323

Restaurant Website :

Modern way to get Warm Soyabean Milk in bottle

This was found by my nephew about this innovation ... it's the way selling soyabean milk in bottle !!! Remember, all Hongkongers required warm or hot food for starting their day ??? These days due to the rush, there must be one thing that could help consumers to enjoy the old traditional way of drink such as soyabean milk.

I found this cabinet myself at 7-Eleven shop -- It's the Vitasoy Brand where the cabinet was located at the entrace way. Consumers can easily pick up and carry to cashier point for payment.

It's the hot cabinet -- outside might look alike to normal fridge but in fact inside contained hot temperature which lead to have a hot soyabean milk in bottle !!!

Bulldog's Bar & Grill at Lan Kwai Fong

As we went to Lan Kwai Fong, we decided to select one place that we were able to hang out long ... Bulldog's Bar & Grill was selected ... In fact, we intended to go to 'Dublin Jack - the irish pub' but we walked into the wrong one ... Dublin Jack is upstairs while Bulldog's is downstairs !!!

Bulldog's was designed as an old-fashioned British Pub -- full with vintage London Tube signs / Black & White Prints / Old signage of old products ...

As the background, Pub is an informally name called for public house, which is a drinking establishment licensed to serve alcoholic drinks on the premises. Traditionally pub also sells food, along with salted crisps or peanuts ... this is a strategy to help increasing beer and alcholic drinks sales. In England, it was called "Pub grub" for foods sold in pub which include British food items such as steak and ale pie, shepherd's pie, fish and chips, or even Sunday Roast and pastries.

That night after feeling a bit hungry, I decided why not trying some of their food -- so I ordered a Fish and Chips ... Fish and chips (or known as fish 'n' chips) is a deep-fried fish (which could be cod, haddock, or flounder) in batter with deep-fried potatoes.

At Bulldog's, it was said that it was prepared in beer batter served with chunky chips and tartar sauce (HK$115) ... For me, it's big with 3 big pieces of fish and full loads of chips !!! Fish was so fresh and so white plus batter which was not soaky at all (even left it to be cold).

17 G/F Lan Kwai Fong Tel : 2523 3528

Lan Kwai Fong -- before Chistmas arrives !!!

Lan Kwai Fong is a small square of streets in Central District of Hong Kong. It is very popular for expatriate in Hong Kong for drinking, dining, and pubbing. As I said 'expatriate', it means a majority of the crowds are non-Cantonese Hongkongers including foreigners ... Yes Yes, it's the place where English is the major language here (predominant) !!!

Lan Kwai Fong as an area is defined by D'Aguilar Street and the smaller lane, Lan Kwai Fong ... an L-shaped, cobble-stoned lane consists of lots of pubs, bar, and restaurants ... and because it's nearly Christmas ... all the Christmas Decoration was set ... Even the Santa got drunk !!!

Cova Caffe Ristorante at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Sui

Cova is the name of antique patisserie in Milan, Italy -- it was founded in 1817 which is very famous on its fresh pastries, confectioneries, and cappuccino ... a kind of prestigious brand name for European Royal Families and aristocrats those day.

However, in year 1993, Cova expanded its branding into Hong Kong territory starting with Paticceria-Confetteria followed by Caffe Ristorante which still remain Italian delicacies and essence till now !!! In total, Cova has five restaurants and ten patisseries across Hong Kong the territory...

Here is what I about to say on 'Cova Caffe Ristorante' ... in Harbour City Branch

The dinner was said in normal menu ... however, the price has said as :
Antipasto HK$168 / Primo Piatto HK$188 / Secondo Piatto HK$228 / Antipasti Buffet HK$208

Table of Antipasti Buffet as shown below :

However, dinner price can be combined as ; Antipasto + Primo Piatto HK$218 / Antipasto + Secondo Piatto HK$268 / Antipasto + Speciale dello Chef HK$388

Before our dishes were served, the bread was served (variety to be selected) with a plate of Olive Oil

See sample of the set for Antipasto + Primo Piatto
Antipasto (TAGLIATA DI TONNO AL SESAME & MOSTARDA - Light seared tuna tagliata coated with saseme seed served with wild green salad & English whole grain mustard dressing) ... a thick of tuna meat which was cooked only the outside served with rocket salad and endives leave !!!

Primo Piatto FETTUCCINE AI PORCINI & MENTA - Fettuccine with fresh imported porcini, Orvieta & fresh mint ... a lot of porcini in ... able to detect as soon as it's placed on table including truffle oil which was very strong.

However, I was lucky enough to have this Chef's Special Dinner Menu -- made from Boston Lobster !!!

CREMA D'ARAGOSTA O ZUPPA DEL GIORNO (Lobster bisque or daily fresh homemade soup) -- in fact I had Lobster Bisque ... the taste & the aroma was so pure & natural ... naturally sweet from fresh lobster ... this is the way Italian delicacies can transform the US material to be !!!

LINGUINE CON ARAGOSTA, PORCINI & POMODORO (Linguine with Boston lobster & porcini in cherry tomato sauce) ... don't worry about we need to handle the lobster from it shell since it was put out to fried with the pasta sauce already. In fact, the hero of this dish is lobster which (in my opinion) it overwhelmed the cherry tomato sauce ... the sauce was also good !!!

Lastly, the order included also the tea or coffee ... Cova Coffee !!!

Lee Garden : shop G10, G/F, Lee Gardens, 33 Hysan Ave., Causeway Bay Tel : 2907 3399
Pacific Place : level 3, Pacific Place, Causeway Bay Tel : 2198 9660
Harbour City : shop G220 G/F, Gateway Arcade, Tsimshatsui Tel : 2907 3882
Centro : shop 203, 2/F Alexandra House, Central Tel : 2522 1833
Festival Walk : shop LG 1- 11, Kowloon Tong Tel : 2265 8688
World Trade Centre : shop G011-012 G/F Causeway Bay Tel : 2895 1990