Monday, April 13, 2009

Chinese Meal for a break in Brussels - Chao Chow City

After strong intention to taste key Brussels signature dishes (and food), we felt to have a break by having something lighter version meal from Eastern side of the world. I meant something with garlic - no cream or no cheese ...

Just walked out from and not far from our Hotel on Rue du Marche Au Charbon, we found this restaurant 'Chao Chow City' ... from outside, it was a bit dark and dull from outside except having yellow & red light box hanging but lots of people walked in and out. They were not only local Belgium but also Asian ones -- so there should have something good, then we went in.

Inside, it was more than I thought since immediately next to the entrance door, there was a portion separated clearly (walk way in the middle) as right-hand was kitchen preparing noodles and other BBQ thing while left-hand was an area for quick eating (one plate or one bowl dish). If walking deeper, it was an area as Chinese Restaurant could be !!! Great utilization indeed ...

Of course, we sat in left-hand area where there were a lot of small table (in a little dim light environment). On the table, there was bottles of salt, pepper, soy sauce, venigar ready. Chinese Food here would be eaten with chopsticks, fork, and knife ...

The food we ordered was 'Yang-Chow Fried Rice' a mixed of egg fried rice with chinese sausages, BBQ pork, shrimp, and cabbage. Together with this dish, we had Shrimp Wanton Soup and Stir-Fried Vegetable (which came up as beansprout mixed with carrot and mushroom) ... The wanton soup was made with strong vegetable soup rather than pork bone ...

The overall taste was good -- it was more intense than the look. In addition, I did not feel the MSG in (or if it had, it would be in little amount) since my throat was not dry out at all ... Happy !!!

Chaochow City
Restaurant Typiquement Chinois
(250 persons)

Boulevard Anspachlaan89,B-1000 Brussels
Tel : (+32) 2-512.37.56

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