Wednesday, April 15, 2009

At Eiffel Tower - Snack Stalls

I bet when mention about France, most will think of Eiffel Tower ... Yes, that's why we went for Tour Eiifel (or in English Eiffel Tower).

Eiffel Tower was designed by the engineer names Gustave Eiffel under the complex pattern of pig-iron girders. It was meant to be a temporary addition to the Paris skyline ... and now it's the symbol of Paris !!! Night time for Eiifel Tower was another perspective since the lighting created different mood ...

Of course, we went there at nighttime ... after a long walk and bought some souvenir for friends, we noticed that someone handled French fries (Mmmm ... fries made by French ?!?!) and / or Hot Dogs ...

That's the reason we went to the Fun Area (across the street) -- It's where there was a Marry-Go-Round and Stalls selling snack ...

Then, we bought Hot Dog (my favourite snack of all) ... It was in a baguette (as basic french bread) which a man need to plug it on top of the shape silver thing to make a hold ... Then squeeze the mayonnaise & ketchup in and plug in the sausage !!! I have to say that it was huge !!!

I have to say that it was yummy even the ketchup was a little bit too sour. But I like the baguatte ... not too hard and not messy when eating. The way they made hole to put the sausage in was clever. I believe that it must be standard way throughout Europe since when I went to Vienna, Austria last 2 years, they also use the same way ... hole on 1 side but not throughout to the other end !!!

Then next to the hot dog stall, I saw an soft ice-cream which said "New Safe Ice-cream Heat Treatment" ... no harm to try what's like ... Actually I realized that it's for hygienic reason since the machine was operated with heat treatment to kill all germs (Stupid of me that I forgot about this -- after many years out from marketing in this category)

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