Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lola - a Classic French Cuisine in Brussels

I have searched for places to eat in Brussels before my travel. What I found in many websites, books, and blogs that 'Lola' was one of the place that has been frequently recommended. Then, we decided to be there to proof and be able to explain to others why ...

'Lola' is situated on Place de Grand Sablon which is the square (sablon) surrounded by elegant and wealthy town houses with Art Nouveau antiques dealer including Chic, Fashionable, Trendy restaurants & bars.

As soon as we reached there, we realized suddenly that it was such as popular place since a lots of local (working ones) had lunch -- not yet counting tourists who came because of website recommendation like me. Of course, queue was seen -- but if you don't mind sitting at counter like us, we were immediately invited at counter ... Total seating was around 30 in the long & narrow space -- interior was in simple and modern.

About food, not only classic French cuisine but there was also Italian Dishes (or a mix of Italian in) as shown in the menu. Our order were 'Seabass Steamed with Almond milk with risotto of wide mushrooms' -- with a fresh supply from North Sea plus chef's gift of creating brought the fish alive ... even wild mushrooms, it was so natural !!!

Another dish was 'Fettuccine with scampi, tomato sauce, and basil' -- it might sound simple and looked simple at first glance. However, I was so happy that I ordered this since scampi (small shrimps) were a lot in quantity and a lot of quality -- I mean fresh ... The tomato sauce was not ordinary since it's a kind of fresh tomato blended and a kind of tomato soup (please see below for the picture) ... The more I ate, The taste were stronger ...

I forgot to mention that before the dishes would be delivered, we were served with Pistacio Nuts followed by breads (great too) & butter to accompany with your dishes.

Lola Brasserie-Restaurant
Place du Grand Sablon 33
1000 Bruxelles
Tel : 02-514 2460
Website :


Catherine said...

I had never heard of "Lola". It looks like a great place. I've just visited their website. The food is top quality and the price is reasonable.

French course

LoLo The Food Blogger said...

Dear Cathy :
As an Asian who love traveling and exploring EU once in a while, I have to rely onto the various reliable source of information about place to eat ... 'Lola' was mentioned a lot ... I went there during weekday (so crowded with office people), so I recommend you to be there earlier ... don't arrive later as the food will be ran out.
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