Sunday, April 12, 2009

Belgium Cafe / Bar

In Belgium, we easily found cafe & bar in every street (and almost corner of the street). When the weather is good (sunny - no sun), we also found that most of people sat outside (grilling themselves with sun) with a cup of coffee, a pot of tea, or a glass of Belgian Beer. Remember ... Belgium makies more beers, in a greater mix of styles and flavours, than any other country in the world.

Most cafes serve selection of alcoholic drinks as well as soft drinks, while most bars offer coffee in addition to alcohol together with the light snack or meals (petite restauration).

Here is one of the look that we went for in Bruges ... Bruges is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belgium -- being one of UNESCO Heritage City. It's north of Brussels (around 45 minutes by train from Brussels). It located in the north of Brussels with the River Dijver (where most of tourist like to take a cruise on -- even it rain).

Yes, for us, we went for tea & coffee instead during raining. This is because we walked along the way It was one theon Wollestraat to Dijver which was near the canel -- The shop name was 'La Paaisone Cafe' -- From outside it looked woody green and classic while inside was in modern look managed by one young guy ... a coffee was served in tray same as tea ... as Belgium Tradition, chocolate must be accompanied with !!! One thing I noticed was that in Belgium Cafe, hot milk was not served with hot coffee or hot tea -- most milk or cream was in room temperature (which was cool or was stored in fridge before) ...

At this cafe, there was special since the owner also gave us biscuits together with one small glass of yellow dessert pudding ... after we tasted it, it contained with strong alcohol ... but it was so yummy !!!

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