Thursday, April 16, 2009

Market of Paris -- Rue Mouffetard

When I travel abroad, one thing that I won't miss is to go to the market of each place. After I have read one book 'Markets of Paris' by Dixon and Ruthanne Long, I have planned for a trip to Paris Market.

Here's the one that we went to 'Rue Mouffetard' by metro which got off at station 'Censier Daubenton' -- as they said in the book that "some people say they're not really in Paris until they're back in Rue Mouffetard, the cobblestone surface, the gentle turns as the street weaves down the hill behind the Pantheon, and the narrowness of the street combine to give Mouffetard its somewhat medieval aspect. No structure is much over six or seven stories high. There's been an effort to clean, paint, and repair, but many buildings still have the peeling facades that give the place its venerable appearance" -- even though it's sometimes overwhelmed by tourists (like us) ...

This place was full with fresh produced from farm, fishmonkers, bakeries, patisseries, Italian grocery (that sells fresh made pasta), small restaurants, wine shops (with taster stand outside), coffee store that you can order to drink outside, asian grocery (that sell even sushi, spring rolls, and other asian salads) together with small plants & flower shop.

Rue Mouffetard

Market Street
From Rue Thouin to Rue Edouard Quenu and Rue Censier Arr.
Open : Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm / Sunday Morning

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