Monday, February 9, 2009

Pacific Coffee Company - a perfect cup in Hong Kong

I almost forgot to mention about one coffee chain in Hong Kong which is my favourite ... The Pacific Coffee Company was established since 1992 to provide world-class coffee to satisfy Hong Kong, China, and Singapore ...

The Pacific Coffee Brand is recognized as the "Best Coffee in Hong Kong" -- able to win over Starbucks !!! As my Hong Kong Friends mentioned, they do not bother about Starbucks much -- go for Pacific Coffee is better !!! Moreover, the price is also in competitive range ...

In my point of view, I like the coffee taste of The Pacific Coffee Company -- after a little of investigation, I found that they selected only the best Arabica beans from around the world - Africa, Central and South America, Hawaii and Asia.

Further more, in terms of service and generous care to customers, I found that The Pacific Company provided a little more than Starbucks such as :
- Three types of sugar (white, brown, and sweetener)
- a stopper to help coffee not to to fall out from the cup for take away. It was a small plastic use for plugging into the hold of the lid.
- a sleeve for holding hot drinks (in variety of size to fit each paper cup size) -- customers can pick by themselves
- topping for customers to pour on top of coffee (almond, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla)

To know more about The Pacific Coffee Company visit :

To provide a perfect cup, anywhere, anytime ... with total of 67 branches in Hong Kong

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