Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gaufres or Belgian Waffles

Gaufres (waffles) are another great sweet treat in Belgium ... Gaufres are sold at specialist shops and street stalls. Therefore, it is normally nationwide in Belgium.

From what we ordered, Gaufres was made freshly (or at least few minutes earlier but still hot) for us. It could be topped with knobs of butter and a spinkling of sugar including spoonfuls of jam, fruit, and fresh cream. However, there is also a pre-cooked and individual packed version which we had for breakfast.

The taste was excellent since it was crispy outside but inside was tender (a bit with elasticity) ... which was totally different from what we had earlier in Thailand (normally we found it dry out from inside to outside).

In addition, we found that there were two type of waffles here in Belgium as the rectangular (which was light texture) vs. round one (which was thicker and heavier).

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