Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Belgium's Fries -- Fritkot Max

This is one of Belgium’s National Dish called ‘frites or frieten’. It is actually french fries, hand-cut and double fried an even crispiness. There are all over town serving in café, taverns, or street stalls. The way to serve is enormous portions of french fries with mayonnaise or other sauces for customers to select.

The outlet that I had Belgian Frites was at ‘Fritkot Max’ which was established since 1842 on Groen Plaats (or Green Squares) of Antwerp. This type of place is called ‘fritkotten’ in Belgium since it sells French fries and other fried food for a reasonable price. However, things that get my attention at ‘Fritkot Max’ was long queue from shop till outside. Even there was not enough place to sit , people still stood eating outside. In addition, I have heard that Belgian ‘frites’ are probably the best in the world due its utmost care preparation …

Inside the shop, it was just only a counter where inside consisted of big fryer and a big pile of cut potato. All of these was operated by one man who took care of getting order, frying, and cashiering !!!

I have to admit that it was so yummy since it had typical crispiness and flavour … and it was such a big portion (even we ordered small size as seen in the picture). Anyway, we had it all … and the mayonnaise also had a great taste !!!

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