Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aux Armes De Bruxelles in Rue des Bouchers "the belly of Brussels"

If you are one of the tourists, definitely that you would come to The Grand Place (which is the heart of Brussels). It is a cobblestone square with 17th century architecture and Flemish Renaissance buildings. Not far from Grand Place, there is one place called 'Rue des Bouchers' -- home to the butchers' trade. It is the best known as 'the Belly of Brussels" since there are lots of cafes and restaurants including seafood displays on huge pile of ice.

This place has a big reputation as the tourist trap since most of the waiter will try to stop and pull tourists into the restaurant. Along the way of walking, there are also seat & table for tourists at the front of each restaurant. But be careful that offer from some of them that mentioned in the first place with special price would not deliver since it will turn out as an excuse of 'run out' -- so end up with expensive price from tourist.

However, there is one restaurant. that there is no pulling & even seating outside. The name is 'Aux Armes de Bruxelles' in the mid of Rue des Bouchers -- This is an old restaurant with basic honest food offered. It might be crowded but worth to wait. Remember the name and logo of soldier (or saint) killing dragon ...

The atmosphere and the service is in old style -- the one who take care your table will be that person till end of your meal. This restaurant is very honest since they showed us English Menu together with Belgium / French Menu as comparison / as reference.

Starting with bread again before the dish ordered to be delivered -- two round bread buns with butter.

Then, the 1st dish was served -- 'Soupe de Poissons' 9.50Euro -- a fish soup serving with croutons, rouille, and cheese). Imagine the normal fish soup (if anyone know it), then think of the fish soup that has a thick texture ... because this is a real fish soup which I could identify the blended of fish in. While the croutons were big (I would say crispy toast bread) which we supposed to spread with garlic butter. By the way, cheese powder was set to put in the soup (if needed to make it more tasty and cheesy).

The 2nd Dish was 'Demi Chicon Jambon' 11.00Euro -- another Hot Entree which was Belgian Endives with ham (chicory). I like endives but it hardly find in Thailand. Here in Belgium, Endive could be said as National Vegetable. When it was served, I almost fainted since it was covered with cheese !!! Noted that I am not a kind who keen on cheese much ... However, it was an endive rolled with ham baked (swimming) in white creamy liquid and cheese. I have to say that the white creamy thing was so great !!!

Main dish was the 3rd coming ... 'Sole Meuniere' 34.50Euro -- This was a grilled sole (fish) with lemon butter ... with this price you could not find in Thailand ... This was so fresh and cheaper (compared also with more freshness and bigger size). It was served with boiled potato, fresh watercress, and half lemon !!!

Aux Armes De Bruxelles
Rue Des bouchers 13 - 1000 Bruxelles
Tel : 02-511-55-50
Open : 7 Days Non-Stop !!!

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