Saturday, April 11, 2009

In't Spinnekopke - a Flemish Specialities in Brussels

In't Spinnekopke Restaurant is one of the popular venue that offering a wide selection of local beers and local food in a kind of tavern atmosphere. The name In't Spinnekopke means ' in the spider's web'. By this word, you can notice easily from the front of the restaurant with the visual of spider on the web over the entrance.

Inside decoration covers with old beer posters on the wall and wooden benches & chairs with red and white table clothes. The atmosphere was a bit dark (as the tavern could be) but it delivered an easy and relax to all customers. Moreover, the price is reasonable.

About the food, since it's the place where you can find Flemish Specities, I continue my food exploring on 'Waterzooi Devolalli' which was the classic stew from Ghent consists of fish or chicken and vegetable (I found that it's carrot, onion, spring onion, cabbage) poached in a creamy broth. To me this was similar to Japanese White Stew but a little of milky and creamy. Only word I can say "yum yum -- I like it -- it's so tender and blended well with a white sauce (not creamy at all).

Another dish was 'Gerrenoet Krokette' which was deep-fried croquettes, fill with shrimp. Umm, inside was juicy and creamy but outside was crispy with small flake of breadcrumb !!!

We finished our meal with chocolate mousse (which was chocolate mousse on-top of vanilla ice-cream and also top with big whip cream !!!) and coffee (look below at how cute they served us).

In't Spinnekopke Restaurant
1, Place Du Jardin Aux Fleurs - 1000 Bruxelles
Bloemenhofplein 1 - 1000 Brussel
Tel : 02-551 86 95
Internet :

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