Thursday, April 16, 2009

Restaurant L' atlantide during Rue Mouffetard Market Visit

As mentioned earlier that within Rue Moufeetard Market Street, there were also a lot of small cafes and restaurants including food stand (stalls) such as sandwiches (or even sushi bar).

Here was the one that we selected 'Restaurant L'atlantide'... we was not be recommended by the book or anyone else but the reason we selected was that it was in the small alley (not like other restaurants which were in the main walking street). Therefore, it was not crowded (at the time we arrived) ...

It was famous for restaurant to come up with lunch set in France -- it was normally a 3 courses meal with the price that more reasonable than a-lar-cart dish. Therefore, we had 3-4 choices among each Entrees (Starters), Les Plats gamis (Dishes), and Desserts. Below were our selection ... with a basket of baguette to accompany with meal !!!

A 11 Euros Course consisted of : Filet de Hareng pomme a Chuile (Herring Potato Green Salad), Truite grille au barbecue (Grilled Trout served with baked potato and cheese -- the whole fresh body of trout !!! look at the pinky colour of it ...), Glace au chocolat (Chocolate Ice-cream)

A 14 Euros Course consisted of : Soupe a l'oignon (Onion Soup - big bowl full with thick soup & cheese), Poulet basquaise (Basquaise Chicken -- Grilled chicken with bell peppers & tomato), Poire au vin (Wined Pear -- Fresh pear that was soaked in red wine; Umm ... full of wine but less alcohol ... my favourite fruit desserts !!!)

It's a must that we need to try Typical French Onion Soup in Paris -- it can easily find in any brasseries or restaurant. The French Onion Soup was first created by King Louis XV of France. It was when late one night when he wanted a snack, he could only find onions, butter and champagne in the kitchen at his hunting lodge. Then, the cooking happened; after a bit of chopping he mixed them all together ...

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