Monday, April 13, 2009

Coffee Company - Modern Cafe of Belgium

Besides the normal cafe that we can find along the street of Belgium, there is also a modern style - like fast & franchise chain cafe called 'Coffee Company'.

Imagine the famous Starbucks shop of USA chain combined with Pret-a-Manger shop of UK since there was a counter for ordering coffee/tea, big fridge with sandwiches, 2 hot bowls of soup, merchandising selling coffee related, shelf selling tea & coffee, plus free wi-fi (so a lot of people sat with laptop on)

What I like was the cup (space for staff to write on -- type of coffee or tea but has one space for name on) and also tissue paper since a lot of printing on 1st folding with coffee company brand while 2nd folding with reminding of lunch catering, website, shop location.

Coffee Company now has only 3 branches in Brussels -- New branch is coming up soon ...

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