Thursday, April 9, 2009

Paul Preud' Hoome - Gastonomic Dining Experience

This is a place that able to give me a memorable dining experience in Antwerp named ‘P. Preud’Hoome’. The name of P. Preud came from Paul Preud -- He was a guy who own this dining place (elegance one and famous one) -- now is the 3rd generation already ... This place was recommended and received Michelin Stars which could be a great proven in Europe Quality -- so it's one of the finest restaurants in Antwerp.

This place was not only because the grand surroundings of beautiful Art Nouveau Building outside (opposite Ethnografish Museum) or the elegance the setting inside was with Art Nouveau or Big Plate on table with a visual of previous owner but also the food itself since … it was the place where I experienced traditonal flemish dishes of Belgium from white asparagus and eel !!!

Dish made from white asparagus named ‘Asparagus in the Flimish Way’. In Belgium, white asparagus is an early summer specialty and finest produce of this country. The way white asparagus usually served is with crushed boiled-eggs and lemon sauce. Look at how big it was ... Too bad, I could not put the taste on here since it was so sweet (natural sweet) !!!

The amazing of Belgium's white asparagus did not stop me at only this starter since I was also interested in White Asparagus Soup ... It was served with chopped boiled egg and chopped parsley ... it should be the way to eat white asparagus here that it goes well with white asparagus.

We could call both dishes as ‘comfort’ food … But the next one was rather ‘excited or challenge’ food … I recommend you that this dish is well worth seeking out for …

It was an uniquely Belgian fish dish called 'anguilles au vert (paling in’t groen)' which is large chunks of eel, cooked with chervil sauce with 14 herbs -- as it said, it was mass of finely chopped fresh herbs so greeny !!! It was served with Frites (French Fries)

It might look like pork spare rib but it's actually eel ... It was a fresh eel cooked and served to us with bone in (no skin) ... if you expect that it would be like Japanese Eel, you can change your mind since you can taste the real taste of eel -- don't panic, eel is one type of fish !!! Besides, this was covered with a lot of green herb ... the waiter said to me that it consists of a lot of herb that were grown locally which he could not name them all.

P. Preud’Hoome
Suikerrui 28, 2000, Antwerp, Belguim
Tel : 03-233-4200

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