Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dinner Place in Paris on Sunnday -- Pasta Ricca

It was really a trouble for Paris visitors to find eating place on Sunday since most of the shop are closed on Sunday (even the cafe, it's closed by mostly 1pm in the afternoon).

Therefore, one place that we can recommend for an easy dining place which is Situated in the heart of the historic Les Halles and Chatelet area on rue de la Reynie (just off Blvd De Sebastopol - near Square Des Innocants). A lot of people shopped and ate in the these area after we noticed that other area nearby was closed.

There are a lots of restaurant & sandwiches bar -- in terms of restaurant, I noticed that there were a lot of Italian & Pizza Restaurant. Again, it could come up as Dinner Set which consisted of 2 course plus a glass of wine or 1 dish plus a glass of wine at price 10Euro something (depends).

However, our pick was one Italian Restaurant named Pasta Ricca Restaurant. It was a simple Italian Restaurant where we selected type of pasta and selected again the topping sauce or type of cooking needed.

Here were our order ... Spagetthi Provencale (black olive tapenade, eggplant, red & green peppers, fresh tomatoes, fried with olive oil) and Tagliatelle Saumon Fume (smoked salmon with dilled perfume creme sauce)

Even we ordered only 1 dish each, we have spent time there for more than 1.5hour. But when we read through the menu again, it said "All our meals are freshly prepared to order and are therefore subject to availability. During busy period, some items may take a little longer (but will be worth to wait) !!!"

Then we waited, but as soon as we had the first bite, we agreed that it's worth waiting for this meal --- the pasta was cooked well (al dente -- has been cooked so as to be firm but not hard) and the way it was cooked just perfect like having it in Italy not Paris !!!

In addition, the size of each dish was so HUGE !!! @10.50Euro and we could not finished it ...

Pasta Ricca Restaurant

25 reu de la Reynie - 75001 Paris
Tel : 01-40-26-65-34

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