Sunday, April 12, 2009

A market at The Markt , Bruges

Bruges, Belgium is medieval town which has streets and canels together with buildings for tourists to enjoy. In the centre of Bruges, there are full of major attractions such as town halls, Museums, and The Markt.

The Markt is 13th century market square located in the mid of Bruges -- it has Medieval gabled housed at the rim, while every Saturday there is a market holding !!!

The market covers with a van selling fresh grocery (meats & vegetable), plants, flowers, and cooked foods & snack. There were some shops that tempted us to buy such as : waffle stall espeically roasted chicken ... There were Big Vans with Big Ovens -- grilling in front of us including Big Glass tray -- showing finished / grilled big size of chicken and big size of chicken tight !!!

Eating Roasted Chicken with hands outdoor was fun !!! Look at the brownish of chicken skin (at the right hand picture) ... Nothing was fun as this ... It was big, was hot, was tasty, was tender (even bare hand can tear the bone off), and was salty !!!

Let's say ... no more lunch for me that day since my stomach was full with this chicken piece till dinner time !!!

LoLo the Chicken Conqueror ...

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