Monday, February 2, 2009

Mister Softee - an ice-cream van

Have you ever see the ice-cream van with a jingle calling kids to buy ??? In Hong Kong, there are also ice-cream vans calling customers (mostly adult) with a jingle (same as we have seen in western cartoon) in Hong Kong.

I say few vans since I saw them at Kowloon (near Kowloon Park), Causeway Bay, Central (at Ferry Pier) ... Pictures I took here was the one near Kowloon Park (on Haiphong Road) where lots of shopping walk and local people get into Tsim Sha Tsui MRT Station -- strategic area !!!

The items sold are soft ice-cream (HK$7 in cone or HK$6 in cup) and also a nutty drumstick (HK$7 -- not a soft cone but manufacturer made) ...

Give it a try -- it helps soothing you in warm day and increasing your energy during shopping. For me, even this period Hong Kong weather is cool -- I like eating ice-cream during cold weather. It makes the ice-cream more tasty than it should be !!!

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