Monday, February 2, 2009

Hoixe Cake Shop -- Local Hong Kong Bakery Shop

Yes, there are lots of bakery available in Hong Kong. Both local & international chain are in -- this could be an effect of British Colony effect long time ago ... Again, there are famous bakeries that some Thais has recommended (word-of-mouth) including some Hong Kong people knows that it's the best (especially for egg tart) ...

For me, it's different, I always go for the local simple one ... at Hoixe Cake Shop ...

Hoixe Cake Shop is one of the local bakery chain (mostly bread & bun) -- it's simple setting with self serve service but you can see it around Hong Kong & Kowloon with an open-air & open-door service ... See the pictures below ... Anyway, there is no English Name on the sign (just notice the crown on the logo in white text logo on red background -- they are all the same) -- I know the name when I bought a lots of their bakery home using their box !!! Below are pictures of 3 Hoixe Cake Shop locations -- you can see the similarity ...

Since the service is self-serve, everyone know own duty ... go to tray with vice (if you need more than one piece) or grasp the plastic bag and put the one you need in ... then go to cashier to pay. Price is aroung HK$6.30 - 6.50 each.

Here are my favourite items :
Barbeque Pork Bun : The bun was soft and shiny outside. The inside which is BBQ Pork is very watery with pork piece. In Thailand mostly it's so dry ...

Pork Luncheon Bun : One thick of Pork Meat Loaf in a bun -- how they were able to think about this kind of thing in a bun ??!?!

Egg Tart
(or Tarn-Tart) : I don't bother go for other famous egg tart shop since the taste and quality of Hoixe's Egg Tart is perfect. It's not too sweet or too eggy -- besides, the tart is crispy while the egg custard seems like it could melt in my mouth. Proven is that Hoixe Cake Shop has it available early in the morning and always ran out !!! This is the only items that need shop assistant to help you ... She would take the tart out from the mould. If they let customer, the tart could be broken into pieces (no perfect shape) !!!

One thing I notice was for this year visit, the amount of inner of Hoixe Bun were reduced !!! The taste is still the same, just the amount ... poor me !!! But the Egg Tart is still the same ... Yeah !!!

I want to tell the owner that since he did not give me the same amount of inner inside, this year is the first year that I did not plan to carry Hoixe Bun home ... Otherwise, I always take 10 BBQ Pork Bun and more than a dozen of Egg Tart (putting in box and hand-carry) back to Bangkok.

Crazy me, Nuh ?!?!? But I like it I like it I like it !!!

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