Sunday, February 8, 2009

Drinking Water in Hong Kong

Walking along the street of Hong Kong, you can see that all shoppers carry at least one bottle of drinking water ... The most famous drinking water brand is "Watson's Water". Yes, Watson is the Specialty Store (Health & Beauty Store) but Watson also supply drinking water in Hong Kong -- the big one !!!

If Watson jumped into drinking water, of course, Mannings also jumped into this category under the name of "Manning Natural Mineral Water" !!! Noted that Mannings is another health & beauty store chain in Hong Kong over 200 stores territory wide.

I won't say anything in the blog, if I did not say that Manning Water is made in Portugal ... Wow !!! it come this far !!!

Another drinking water is "Bonaqua Mineralized Water" by Coca-Cola Company ...

What I am about to say is that Price of drinking water in Hong Kong is varied among shop -- Convenience Store, Small Store, or Supermarket ... I usually found the small drug store on Granville Road always set price much lower than others ... I don't know why !??!?

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