Sunday, February 8, 2009

City Hall Maxim's Palace where the Dimsum is

This place is where I always go for Dimsum every time I visit Hong Kong -- The place is called "City Hall Maxim's Palace" -- It's a must for us ... I will tell you why ...

City Hall Maxim's Palace was set in a large banquet hall at Hong Kong City Hall ... I mean a real City Hall ... If it's not this good, it won't be able to be here (I can say).

This place is an all-time favourite among local residents and visitors of its dimsum served on trolleys and panoramic view of the the harbor. However, you must be prepared to wait most of the day ... it's always long queue ... My recommendation is to go during weekday early (before 12am) ... You can see the queue as I took in pictures.

As I mentioned that City Hall Maxim's Dimsum was served in trolley -- it's fun ... don't worry how to order since you just stand or sit and point whatever you think you would like it. The server can speak a little of English and tell you chicken, shrimp, or pork ... Then, select as many items as you like from passing carts. As yoiu choose the dishes, the server will stamp or mark the record card supplied on the table. The card was divided into sections where a tally of items was made in price category ...

Some of our favourite :
Steamed - Shrimp Dumpling (Ha-Gow), Chicken Feet (Foong-Jow), Spareribs (Pie-Gwat), Shrimp Rice Roll (Ha-Chong-Fun), Egg Custard Bun (Nye-Wong-Bao), Rice in Clay Pot (with Chicken and Chinese Sausage)

Deep-fried & Pan-fried - Taro Ball (Woo-Gock), White Turnip Cake (Law-Bahk-Go), Chive Dumpling (Jean-Gow-Choy-Bang)

Dessert - Black Sesame Soup, Mango Pudding

City Hall Maxim's Palace
3rd Floor, City Hall
Edinburgh Place, Central
Tel : 2521-1303

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