Sunday, February 1, 2009

El Taco Loco at Mid-Levels Escalator

This is a shop that I think it has fantastic location – El Taco Loco as it locates next to the Mid-Levels escalator !!! Let’s say if you come on the longest escalator of the world, you can find El Taco Loco on your right hand side.

As you can notice from its name, it sells burritos and tacos including other Mexican dishes in affordable and very Mexican interior. Besides, some said that this shop is being some of the best Mexican food in Hong Kong !!!

Now, when talking about Mexican Foods, you cannot miss Tabasco (a chilli sauce made in USA), salsa (tomato mixed sauce), guacamole (a kind of dip made from avocado), green chilli sauce and so on. Yes, all will be served for you on your table including a counter where you can have all sauces as much as you like !!!

Since this place was set in an easy setting atmosphere – the way food served is in basket where food itself is wrapped in foil. Look at dishes we ordered …

Beja Escado – Grill fish with black beans and crisp lime lettuce on soft taco (HK$28 for 1 piece) – Below right

Polla Ascado – Grill marinated chicken breast with guacamole and pico de gallo on soft taco (HK$62 for 3 pieces) – Below left & right

Sorry that it looks a bit messy but cannot help since it’s the soft taco – if you like the hard one, try …it's also great ... By the way, Mexican beer and drinks are also available !!!

El Taco Loco
9 Lower Staunton Street (off the escalator), Soho
Tel : 2522-0214
Open : 12.00 pm – 10.00 pm everyday

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