Monday, February 9, 2009

Fly back from Hong Kong to Bangkok without eating anything

This was the first time that I did not have anything to eat on the plane ... But I did not worry much since I still appreciated on my Ramen & Popeyes meal at Hong Kong International Airport ...

Departure from Hong Kong to Bangkok by Cathay Pacific Airlines -- special meal was served with a kind of dimsum & grilled skewers ... I noticed that it's a deep-fried chicken, Chao Zhou Dumpling (stuff with pork, bamboo shot, and dried shrimp), Chicken Skewers in Barbeque sauce, and a kind of fried spring roll.

However, the flight attendant was kind enough to check whether I was okay with the meal since there was no rice included ... Therefore, she changed my main meal to be : Rice with Chicken Curry (a kind of peanut butter curry)

Now, instead of me enjoy the meal, the change of meal made me did not touch anything at all -- except 2 pieces of kiwis, and 1 piece of watermelon and a cup of Japanese Green Tea ...

Stupidity of me ... I hate peanut curry ... Not the flight attendance's fault but only me ... Ha Ha Ha

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