Sunday, February 8, 2009

Morning Congee in Kowloon

What Hong Kongers eat for breakfast ??? One of the answer could be 'Congee' -- it was belief that hot juk (congee) is good for health ... it helps us handle the new days with freshness and strength. Yes, I said 'hot' juk (not warm) since good juk must be cooked very hot (to make everything cooked at just right level -- but not over cooked) ...

Here are shops to recommend for morning Juk ...
One on Lock Road (see map below -- where the green arrow pointed) ... Below pictures show you when entering from Haiphong Road (Road next to Kowloon Park). Lock Road is where the big fried snack shop is (below left). Then, just walk into Lock Road (below middle picture) you can see the congee shop at the right hand side -- in between of Swindon Book Store & Chun Kee Stationery store (below right)

The shop itself is on yellow signage with red Chinese Font (no English Name again) ... the address is 11A ... However, inside has English Menu available ... Besides, the woman (shop owner) is able to speak Thai (a bit of Thai enough for us to order it correctly)

We started our ordered with Hot Lemon Tea, Coffee, Congee, and Fish Raviolies with Noodle Soup ... and of course Chinese Dough Stick (Yauh Ja Gwai) ... I like noodle here since threr's the whole cabbage in the noodle bowl !!!

The next shop is on Hankow Road which is next to Lock Road (see map below for the one with red arrow pointed) ... The shop name is 'Chiew Fah' ... This shop is another Thai's favourite since there's also Thai signage and recommendation by 'Thanadsri & ML. Pasan - His Son'

Anyway, it's up to you to select any congee shop for your breakfast ... For us, we preferred the one on Lock Road -- more fun, more tasty, more yummy as we thought !!!

Try by yourself, each dishes has its own identity -- yummy or not depends on individual preference !!!

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