Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yan Wo Soy Bean Shop at Causeway Bay

This is a unique shop in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island. The name is Yan Wo Soy Bean Shop – from the name (in English), it will be easy for us to identify that it would sell anything related to soy bean. Yes, it sells only tofu (bean curd) both salty dish and sweet dish including soy milk. Even, the name of the shop is in Chinese, it would not be difficult for non-Chinese to identify since there is a real showing of frying pan at the front. Here are the pictures to help you identify this yummy shop (that you should not miss) as below.

It locates on Jardine’s Bazaar street in Causeway Bay area – just enter into the street and walk straight, the shop is on your left hand number 38 … or just ask anyone, it’s very well-known.

Shop owner including their assistants could not speak English, but don’t worry since there is an English menu available. You will find that they all very friendly (more than their look) and they are very helpful for tourist like us !!!

The show begin now – we ordered 2 types of hot soya bean milk (regular flavour and almond flavour) HK$8 – It’s so good, so great, so yummy – I’ve never had any soya bean milk this good before !!! It had a light texture without a strong scene of soya bean (which most of people dislike). The taste was not so sweet (I could say you might not be able to detect that it contains sugar or not). This includes the added flavor that it’s so smooth – not that obvious that it was added flavor in. The way serving, regular will be in plastic cup while flavor version will be in paper cup … Just pour the soya bean milk from the big tank (which was set at front area of the store).

Now, the interesting items – fried tofu with fish meat (the shown item at the front of the shop) – tofu (bean curd) was topped with fish paste and was fried both side. The texture were so tender !!! It was served up side down for customers to highlight tofu meat.

This item should be their signature item since it's fried at the front of the shop !!! Besides, I noticed that this item was carefully took care and cooked slowly for the best quality. On top of that, every table ordered this item -- therefore, the turn over were huge !!!

We also ordered another item -- Deep fried tofu (bean curd) with soy sauce HK$10. This is another real tofu thing since tofu was deep-fried and was poured on top with soy sauce ... yummy tofu with yummy soy sauce ... Look at how the tofu texture was ... so soft but but not that much liquidity ... still have texture that the chopstick can hold.

This is one shop that you must try since it's a kind of Hong Kong snack ... You can notice that it could be one people came in and ordered 1 dish of tofu, then left quickly after finished to continue their routine !!! There are more to try including Fried noodle with tofu or Soya bean Jell-o (cold sweet desserts)

Yan Wo Soy Bean Shop
38 Jardine's Bazzar, Causeway Bay
Tel : 2808-47-38
Open daily : from 11.00 - 23.00

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