Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Sweet Dynasty

This is a restaurant which is a specialist in Chinese Desserts names “The Sweet Dynasty”. It is very famous for the tourist (not only Thais but also other nationalities). It can be proven as there is only 1 branch in Hong Kong but 8 branches in Japan (Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya), and 3 branches in Taiwan (Taipei).

Everyday, there’s always a queue waiting at front of The Sweet Dynasty (including a queue card given). What’re they looking for? It’s what they call “Tong-Shui” – a kind of sweet soup that is served after meal. Tong-Shui is a Chinese Traditional Habit for long, it helps functions of nourishing bodies, moderating, the heat of bodies, quenching thirst, promote metabolism of bodies, and regulating digestive systems. It helps cooling down the heat in hot and warming summer the chills of cold winter.

Look at what we ordered – just try to taste their Cantonese Cuisine and Dessert … as we can says this restaurant is a kind of mixing every type of Hong Kong foods (all-in-one) as Congee, Noodle, Dimsum, and sweets.

Chinese Preserved Egg and Spiced Pork Meat Congee ($HK35) – Visit Hong Kong, we must eat Hong Kong Congee. It’s a kind of typical Hong Kong Dish which they eat as breakfast and dinner (including supper). This type of congee is a top hits as it’s good for your health (especially for the one with sore throat). Chinese believes that salty foods help soothing the throat – the pork meat was cooked with rice and torn apart into small pieces ready when customers order. Don’t wonder if the congee bowl will be served to you without seeing anything since all (egg & pork) will be at the bottom of your bowl (a lot, I can say)

Can't miss the desserts since The Sweet Dynasty claim itself as "leading trend in Chinese Sweets and Desserts"

Fried pot sesame paste sweet rice balls (serving size is for two at HK$42) – Rice Balls with black sesame paste liquid inside in ginger soup. It was served to us on small stove !!! I like the taste here since the ginger soup is not too sweet and too strong or too spicy (as I have eaten somewhere else) while the rice balls is so soft …

Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seed
(HK$17) -- below left -- tenderness of red bean mixed well with a tenderness of lotus seed. Normally, I don't like lotus seed at all due to its hard texture, but with this one I have to admit that it's the best lotus seed of all !!!
Sweet Potato Soup (HK$17) -- below middle -- I ordered this because I like sweet potato and I just need ginger soup. Years ago, I had baked sweet potato once at the Ferry Pier -- the real sweet potato baked (actually grilled) in a real fire on cart by local HK people. The taste was so sweet and natural together with an eating in cold weather -- I can say that it's so great since it warmed me up ...
Sesame Soup with lotus seed (HK$20) -- below right -- a must item, since I like sesame soup a lot. Therefore, can't say much about this thing -- only GREAT again !!!

The Sweet Dynasty
Ground Floor of The Toy House
100 Canton Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
Tel : 2199-7799 / Fax : 2375-9119
Open : Mon-Thu 8.00 – 24.00 / Fri 8.00 – 01.00 / Sat 7.30 – 01.00 / Sun 7.30 – 24.00

How to get there : walk along Canton Road (towards Tsimshatsui Ferry Pier), this shop is near the end of the road (right hand side)

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