Sunday, February 8, 2009

Last meal at Hong Kong International Airport

I am a kind of strange person -- every time I travel, I prefer having a meal at airport (before flying) ... Hong Kong International Airport is another fun place for me to enjoy an airport meal.

This time I went for Ramen -- no Japanese food the the last 4 days !!! The brand is Ajisen Raman -- a home-style Japanese noodle specialty from Kyushu, Japan (established since 1968) which offers a wide selection of home-style Japanese cuisine, Japanese noodles, rice and snack dishes.

Years ago, Not much of Ajisen Ramen in the city of Hong Kong -- I had to have it only at Airport ... Now, almost in traffic area has Ajisen Ramen Shop (total of 208 branches throughout China) ...

At Airport, I must follow that rule of queuing in and ordered whatever set or dishes I wanted, then I paid and received receipt which showed me a queue number. I must wait till the number was called -- there was a screen shown a number) ... Long queue I must say !!! Finally picking up my tray in different counter and enjoyed at the desk ... Below left is a Miso Soup Set with Deep Fried Creme Potato Cake

Ajisan Ramen
Hong Kong International Airport
Terminal 1 Departure Hall (Level 7)
Service Hour : 06:30 - 01:00

Another thing that I never ever missed at Hong Kong Airport is "Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits" . The thing is that there is no long Popeyes chin in Thailand -- The closest location is in Hong Kong ...

Popeyes is the fast-food chain for quick chicken concept, serving a selection of delicious New Orleans-style chicken in a Cajun sauce and a variety of snacks.

My favourites is, of course, biscuits with maple syrub, mash potatoes with cajun gravy, and cole slaw ...

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
Hong Kong International Airport
Departure Check-in Hall (Level 7)
Service Hour : 6.00 -23.00

Anyway, there are more restaurant & dinings for you to select at Hong Kong internation al Airport. Visit :

Another thing I noticed in Hong Kong International Airport was that --
There is Wi-Fi everywhere in Hong Kong International Airport !!!
It's a free service connection to PCCW Wi-Fi airport-wide ...

Thank you PCCW ... your internet was so quick -- I was able to download pictures for my blog so quick that I could not catch up typing ...

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