Sunday, May 11, 2008

Silk - Interesting Soy Milk

As they said in, "Just one sip of smooth, creamy Silk® Soymilk could get you hooked for life – and that’s great news for your body. It's loaded with healthy soy protein, antioxidants, 11 essential vitamins and minerals andall the great taste you can handle".

"Silk's soy foods are made from the freshest whole soy beans available, and delivered at its tasty best to your local grocery and Starbucks.

Silk products are from "WhiteWave Foods Company" and are available in the form of Shelf Stable or Refrigerated.

Silk offers a variety of ultra-tasty soy products, like Plain, Vanilla, Silk Plus for Bone Health, Omega-3 DHA, Plus Fiber, Very Very Vanilla, Chocolate, Light (which is lower fat and fewer calories), Unsweetened, Specialty (such as Chai, Coffee, Mocha, and Spice), and Seasonal Flavours (liked Nog).

This is a picture of my favourite flavour " Very Very Vanilla " -- It does not taste liked a normal soy milk, but it tastes so vanilla flavor with a non-creamy feeling of milk ... I like it !!!

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