Monday, May 26, 2008

Molly's Cupcake Chicago

This is a cute cupcake shop on North Clark Street (between wrightwood and deming). Molly is the name of one school teacher (taching first to third grade) who always bake cupcakes for students whenever one of there students had a birthday. However, one of the student has learnt her recipe and set up this cupcake shop. She said Molly's cupcake is the best cupcakes ever. The most important thing is that part of shop's profits go to help schools in their community.

The shop is small and simple but the seating area is interesting. There are also counter bar and small table including topping corner (where you can put any topping ingredients on top of cupcakes).

At counter bar, seat are made similar to swinging board (but they were fixed with ceiling and floor).

Also there is coffee & drink available both cold and hot ...

My comment, I like New York Magnolia's Cupcake more (texture of Magnolia's is more dense and the topping is more real and creamy. Here is more light and fluffy).

Anyway, if anyone get a chance to taste both of cupcakes, please share your comments here.

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