Friday, May 2, 2008

Everything is BLUE at New Orleans

Talking about New Orleans of Louisiana, everyone could have heard of Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is a famous and historic street that runs the length of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Bourbon Street is home to many bars, restaurants, T-Shirt and Souvenir shops including few of strip clubs. It is normally quiet during the day. However, it becomes alive at night, particularly during the French Quarter's many festivals i.e, Mardi Gras (final day of carnival).

In Bourbon Street Bar, most of them has put the name related to Blues and decorated with Blue Lighting. This city is especially known for its strong association with jazz music (as a birthplace). However, the tradition of jazz in New Orleans has taken on various forms that have either branched out from original dixieland or taken entirely different paths altogether.

Besides, a normal bar where the live band in, I have found the cocktail shop. They are sold through Frosty Machine and shop has been decorated in fancy colours.

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