Monday, May 19, 2008

Blaue Gans in Tribeca (Downtown New York)

After shopping along 5th Avene in New York, we went for dinner at Austro German Cooking Restaurant on Dvane Street called "BLAUE GANS". Blaue Gans means "Blue Goose" in German which we can notice from the symbol at the front.

This restaurant belongs to Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner as German Bristro. The Walls decorated with Vintage Film and Art Posters. Same as other restaurant, this Blaue Gans also has bar at the front part of area.
Address : 139 Dvane Street, New York, NY 10013

Our dinner were :
Started with Bread (served with Carrot Dip and Sliced Turnip)
- Golden Fried Free Range Chicken and Potato-Me Salad

- Hungarian Beef Goulash with fresh herb spale
- Canadian Halibut with Red Wine Onion and Fall Squash Sauce

My first bite told me that it's an Austrain Food (same as when I visited Vienna, Austria years before)

He also owns 2 more Austrian Bistro as :
- Wallse Restaurant (344 West 11th Street, New York City 10014)
- Cafe Sabarsky (1048 86th Steet, New York City 10028)

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Hansa said...

Oh!!!! I miss Wien :)