Monday, May 19, 2008

New York is Zarbar's - Zarbar's is New York

Zarbar's is the famous Gourmet Store. Zabar's is a specialty food store, founded by Louis Zabar, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City. It is one of the best known commercial landmarks of the Upper West Side, and is known for its selection of bagels, smoked fish, olives, and cheeses.

Besides of Zarbar's food store, there is a kind of sandwiches shop / coffee shop (selling all kinds of sandwiches and other beverages).

Sandwiches are available in both cold and hot (pressed). There are also other bakery such as pastry, cookies, etc.

Here are Vegetable Foccasia Hot (fresh zucchini and shiny red pepper) and Egg Ham Cheese Muffin (look at how melty and sticky of cheese)

This is my up-close & personal Cinnamon Roll

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