Monday, May 26, 2008

Food Court in Chicago O'haire Airport

The objective of this is to warn anyone who travel via Chicago O'haire Airport (Terminal 1). This is a picture of Jazz Food Court entrance which has many types of food available. I had ice-cream once, it is okay to crunch my thirst and exhausted from long hour travel.

However, I have tried another one of them on "MANCHO WOK". It sounds already chinese but don't expect much that it will be a good Chinese food ...

I saw long queue in front of this section, then I decided to have a test on Chinese Food in US Airport. Ha Ha Ha I should not do a test with this. The fried rice is as cold as it could be with no taste of anything (at all). Luchkily that I also ordered Orange Chicken. The taste of it was so sweet and so sour.

For me, I should have tried the breakfast kiosk instead.
For you, if you have a chance to be there, don't go for this thing. There are lots of other things for you to explore ...

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