Monday, May 26, 2008

American Coffee

If you think of Coffee in USA, one will think of Starbucks (of course). Yes, it's a home town of Starbucks. Below are 2 types of packaging (old vs new) -- normal store has replaced the new sleeve with one brown colour. However, in airports store still use the old new colour.

Me, I started my day with tarbucks every morning. Sometimes I also had breakfast there ... as they said "Great Coffee Deserves Great Food" ... as you can imagine, american cheese and bacon.

However, it does not mean that Starbucks conqure America. There are still other brands of coffee such as Expresso Royale. Long queue always every morning ...

I also saw the shop called Agro Tea -- they position themselves as Tea experts which poster in front of the shop as below ... so brave !!!

There are everything like Starbucks -- many types of tea, signature drinks (hot, iced, ice blended) such as Teappuccino, Bbubble Tea, Tea Sangria, Carolina Honey Breeze, etc.

Here are the picture of Black Tea Teappuccino (Tea & frothy milk) and its environment ...

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