Monday, May 26, 2008

Northern Italian Recipe Restaurant in Chicago

Yes this is a Northern Italian Recipe Restaurant in North of Chicago called Basil Leaf Cafe. At first we did not think that this is a big restaurant. The more we stepped in, the more we noticed that it has the big area and crowded in deed.

This shop firstly founded in New York, then spread down to North Shore of Long Island and West Coast under the name of Primavera. They also has new ideal of create delight American to Italian cuisine under the name of Pasta Villa in California !!! And there Basil Leaf Cafe in both Chicago and California.

Bread was great (very italian texture) ... also Other dishes as Pasta are freshly made and great !!! For example :

Gnocchi (which is the Italian name for a variety of dumpling. They may be made from potato, semolina, ordinary wheat flour, bread crumbs, or other ingredients) Here was so cheesy (look at the left picture)

Linguine with Sole Fish (mixed with sun-dried tomato and bell pepper) -- smell so good with browny fried smell of fish

Another one is Angle Hair olive oil garlic with fresh garden vegatable ... so green and so clean !!!

My only comment for this shop is "Very Big Dish -- I could not finish it !!!"

Address : 2465 N Clark StChicago, IL 60614
Tel : (773) 935-3388

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