Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hong Kong Breakfast - Chiu Fat Porridge Noodle Restaurant (Kawloon District)

Hong Kong, the culinary capital of Asia, that what it's said for ... it's not only food for tourist or country visitor but it includes the Hong Kongian themselves !!! I have heard that Hong Kong People eat 5 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner, and supper) ... therefore, you can see a lot of quick and ready meal during the day ... except for the dinner at home which expected to be BIG !!!

Let me talk about morning first ... Hong Kong people is looking for something hot which is for increase energy ready for a start of a day ... therefore, one thing that we have normally seen is 'Jok' or 'Porridge' or 'Congee'. Rice was boiled with lots of water for a long long time till it become broken down and shite porridge. Hong Kong Congee normally be eaten with 'you char kway' or what called 'Chinese cruller' or 'Fried bread stick' which was served in pair or cut in pieces for dipping in congee.

In fact, I have mentioned once about morning congee in kowloon on my previous trip in Hong Kong ... I mentioned about 2 shops next to each street on Kowloon -- one on Lock Road and the other one on Hankow Road. The one on Lock Road was the one that I took the pictures showing. On this blog, I would mention the one on Hankow Road called 'Chiu Fat'.

You can't miss this shop for sure since there is a Thai signage as 'being favourite shop and be recommended by 'Thanadsri & ML. Pasan - His Son' ... that includes other language newspaper (Japanese) recommendation ... so famous !!! In fact, the entrace way was small since there were 2 seperated part (one is noodle and one is congee) -- seperate operation !!!

See the visual of Jok / Congee / Porridge which I ordered Century egg and Pork (HK$20) -- when it was served it would show only white porridge and sping onion ... all the egg and shredded pork was hidden below !!!

However, Chiu Fat is not selling only Porridge but also Noodle ... In fact, people eat porridge all day but normally noodle during lunch !!! On table there're always condiments such as chili oil and vinegar which they believe that vinegar will help digestion.

Below was the pictures of Fish Balls & Fish Cake with Noodle in Soup (HK$22) -- from the look, it seemed to be like 'white water'. In fact, it's a fish broth ... besides the fish ball and fish cake were so good !!! Amazing indeed !!!

However, drinks are also available ... I recommended Iced Lemon Tea (HK$13) ... a tradition drink made from black tea where you need long spoon to crush the lemon before you drink

and also Hot Almond Drink (HK$13) -- a milky drink made from ground almonds, not unlike soy milk or rice milk ... so almond essence and not as thick as milk which I like. It was served together with sugar ... I did not put any since I could taste a little of sweetness in it already.

Shop B G/F 42 Howard Building, Hankow Road, Kowloon
Tel : 2311-1117
Open Daily from 8.00am - 1.00am

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