Friday, December 11, 2009

Bulldog's Bar & Grill at Lan Kwai Fong

As we went to Lan Kwai Fong, we decided to select one place that we were able to hang out long ... Bulldog's Bar & Grill was selected ... In fact, we intended to go to 'Dublin Jack - the irish pub' but we walked into the wrong one ... Dublin Jack is upstairs while Bulldog's is downstairs !!!

Bulldog's was designed as an old-fashioned British Pub -- full with vintage London Tube signs / Black & White Prints / Old signage of old products ...

As the background, Pub is an informally name called for public house, which is a drinking establishment licensed to serve alcoholic drinks on the premises. Traditionally pub also sells food, along with salted crisps or peanuts ... this is a strategy to help increasing beer and alcholic drinks sales. In England, it was called "Pub grub" for foods sold in pub which include British food items such as steak and ale pie, shepherd's pie, fish and chips, or even Sunday Roast and pastries.

That night after feeling a bit hungry, I decided why not trying some of their food -- so I ordered a Fish and Chips ... Fish and chips (or known as fish 'n' chips) is a deep-fried fish (which could be cod, haddock, or flounder) in batter with deep-fried potatoes.

At Bulldog's, it was said that it was prepared in beer batter served with chunky chips and tartar sauce (HK$115) ... For me, it's big with 3 big pieces of fish and full loads of chips !!! Fish was so fresh and so white plus batter which was not soaky at all (even left it to be cold).

17 G/F Lan Kwai Fong Tel : 2523 3528

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