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Tsui Wah Restaurant -- another Cha Chaan Teng in Hong Kong

If you have read my earlier blog about Hong Kong Classic Tea House called Cha-Chaan-Teng before, you will understand this word and this type of eating place well (refer to : ChaChaan Teng for Western Chinese Style Tea House)

This is another Cha Chaan Teng in Central District called 'Tsui Wah Restaurant' -- this is a bit modern Cha Chaan Teng nowaday ... besides having lots of branch in both Hong Kong and Kawloon, Tsui Wah is also famous on both traditional Chinese, Western, and also snack ... I myself was amazed with their quality already !!!

This was happened at Tsui Wah Restaurant Central District Branch (on Wellington Street) ... you could be amazed how can we (two persons) finished with all of these items (in one afternoon) ?!?!

I myself have walked pass this shop for many times even I have seen the menu at the front about their bread and people kept walking in and out always ... it was so tempting to go in ... finally. Inside was so bright full with customers ... all tables were set like fast food chain ... menu was inserted on the table (underneath the glass).

We started our programme with drinks ... milk tea HK$14 -- as they said it's a traditional milk tea of Hong Kong (a local culture) ... smooth of tea and rich of milk ... not that sweet or bitter

Another drink ... Hot Sugar Cane Pear with Rhizone HK$17 ... another good stranger drink which we have never had before !!! Fresh Chinese Pear boiled with sugar cane -- so smooth in taste ... However, we could not identify about the rhizone that it's what kind of roots ?!?! I know only one thing ... so yummy !!!

Here comes the hero of our meal ... THE BREAD !!! -- carefully look at the size and its texture ...

Starting with Crispy Bun served with Sweet Condensed Milk HK$12 -- it's a big ball bun which I can explain to you all that it's a kind of Italian bread type texture ... passing the charcoal grilled then buttering and pouring with condensed milk ... one word 'yummy' !!! see below picture when we tore the bread texture apart ...

Pork Cartilage Bun HK$28 --- I called it 'Young Bone' of pork !!! It's a kind of stew pork ... made it till soft and tender but full with sauce putting in bun which was spread by mayo including cucumber pickle and green cabbage ... It was really suitable to name this bun cartilage bun since it contained lots of them ... my favourite !!!

That was only phase 1 ... we seemed to agree that we should try more of sandwiches and toast since the taste of bread we could not resist ...

Tsui Wah Crispy Pork Chop Bun HK$20 -- imagine the fried pork chop in Chinese Style (which was marinated with a little of salt and pepper) then fill into the bun with cucumber pickles and green leaves ... it's like steak sandwich but made from pork in Chinese Style (not American) !!!

French Toast 'HK style' HK$20 -- a thick slice of bread soaked in beaten eggs and fried in oil ... it's a Hong Kong Chinese Style so there's no milk or Cinnamon !!! It's a REAL taste of bread and egg ... still eating with syrub and butter ... again see the texture of bread that we tore off !!!

So in short, this Tsui Wah Restaurant is still original Cha Chaan Teng but in modern style ... the way of cooking and preparing still the same i,e., coffee and tea was made with what I called 'sock' !!!

Lastly see how Tsui Wah is proud of their bread ... see the print advertisement below ...

Tsui Wah Restaurant
G/F, 15 - 19 Wellington Street, Central Hong Kong
Tel : (852) 525-6338

Direction : just opposite the 'Famous' Yung Kee Roast Restaurant !!!

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