Thursday, December 10, 2009

Market on the Pier - Central Star Ferry Pier

I personally like to cross from Kowloon to Hong Kong via Star Ferry -- a ferry service across Victoria Harbour between Hong Kong and Kowloon ... only HK$2.30 per person ... It's not only cheap but I can experience the view and cool breath of the ocean !!!

Luckily that day when we use the Star Ferry Service to Central, we found this fresh market (a kind of vegetable fair) at Central Star Ferry Pier 7 !!!

Imagine how busy the pier is ... now plus the market which was set in the mid of the pier ... a vegetable island setting !!! Then, walking around ... ummmmmm .... so fresh so big and so tempting ... Too bad we were here as tourist (no kitchen for cooking) !!!

one thing that seem to be top hits is 'Roselle' since each seller has it ... a kind of good for health ... another thing which was different from what Thai consume was the Roselle Drink ... Thais dried the flower then boil it while here they recommend to put these fresh roselle into hot water and break them into pieces with spoon !!! This is the same procedure that they do when drinking lemon water !!! However, we also saw another method of consuming by pouring just sugar on top ... noted that this is not sure since nobody translated what the seller told (we just saw the action) !!!

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