Thursday, December 10, 2009

La Maison du Chocolat in Hong Kong

La Maison du Chocolat is one of the finest Parisian chocolate brands in the world ... it is also known as a world-renowned collection of delicious and fresh handmade chocolates, truffles and pastries !!!

La Maison du Chocolat has a major presence in Paris, London, New York, Toyko, Cannes, and most recently Hong Kong ... this is what we experienced in Price Building, Central District, Hong Kong ...

At this shop, there's also seating for customers to experience their chocolate drinks and pastries ...

We ordered hot chocolate (HK$50) which was available in two as :

Guayaquil -- smooth dark chocolate lightly infused with vanilla ... the colour is darker but the texture is lighter (more watery).

Caracas -- blend of full bodied cocoa beans ... the texture is thicker than the other one.

Belle Chocolate Tart (HK$50) -- Crunchy sweet crust filled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with pear compote -- crispy and real crunchy crust plus a real full of chocolate ... the perfect part is on pear which has a thin layer of sugary sticky on !!!

Pacific Place, Shop 246, Admiralty Tel : +852 2522 2010
Elements, Shop 2040A, Kowloon Tel : +852 2196 8333
IFC Mall, Shop 1050, Central Tel : +852 2801 4880
Prince's Building, Shop 109, Central Tel : +852 2801 4122

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