Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Starting the Hong Kong Trip again !!!

Yep Yep ... this is the second time of the year that I went for Hong Kong Trip !!! Sorry that I was not able to upload the blog in real-time ... due to my clumsiness of forgetting the electric wire for my netbook ... Ha Ha Ha ... Anyway, it was the same as my tradition to have breakfast on land at Suwanabhumi Airport ... an American Breakfast !!!

And then this was Cathay Pacific Airlines served in-flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong ... Shrimp in red curry with rice !!! CX might think that the depart the plane from Bangkok, it must show how the Thai Curry was cooked (I guess) ... HuH ... lucky me that I had my eggs on land ...

By the way, you can see also that there's a Kit Kat Bar served ... it's Australian Made version !!! And look carefully on the fruit dish, it's all Thai Fruits ... this was a flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong ... my journey continued !!!

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