Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Soup Spoon - wholesome soups from the heart

This is an adaptation of American way of eating lunch. This is based on my last trip to USA since I have noticed that there was not only sandwiches shop but also a soup shop for lunch in USA.

Here in Singapore, there is a shop called 'The Soup Spoon' -- which was established since 2001 by a masterful SouperChef and her 2 business partners in soup. It was to create a sensational product that will turn The Soup Spoon into the premier soup establishment in Singapore by providing innovative, fresh and nutritious soups that stand alone, filling enough to satisfy the hungriest patron.

Below was what I ordered ... Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff -- so mushroomy and so thick !!! It's served with a bun of bread (texture similar to Italian bread -- soft & white) ...

Price is varied according to soup type and size but it's around $5.60 - 6.90 for Regular size and $6.80 - 8.20 for Grande size. What I am about to say is that even Regular is so Huge already !!!

More about The Soup Spoon :

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