Friday, January 2, 2009

Wafer/Sandwich Ice-Cream along Orchard Road

If you walk along Orchard Road for your shopping, you will see pictures like these -- It's a picture of people eating standing around ice-cream cart or people eating a kind of wafer ice-cream.

This become a kind of signature snack of Singapore Orchard Road already ... There are lots of ice-cream carts (or I use to call 'mobile cabinet') from many brands -- majority I saw Wall's ice cream and King's ice-cream.

It's an easy selling (only $1) & eating including easy preparing since everything was prepared by the manufacturer already. The hawker just take the loaf of ice-crem out from the cabinet - slide into a 1.5 - 2.0 cm thin - take out the plastic wrap around the slice - take 2 waffers out from tin near cabinet - put ice-cream slide in between - before deliver to customer just make sure that it's all in plastic bag . It is to easy for customer to bite without ice-cream melted and dripped onto hand.

You know what -- many flavours of ice-cream are available from vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip, etc. However, I noticed that Durian is the most famous flavour !!! Even I walked pass the cart or the one who ate, I can smelt the durian easily ... Huh ...

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