Friday, January 30, 2009

Cathay Pacific Meal

I flied with Cathay Pacific Airways flight at 8.25am -- The flight length is 2.45 hours from Bangkok to Hong Kong ... Of course, there was a meal (assume it's a lunch) ...

This was served by Cathay Pacific flight attendance -- I took this picture while they were serving all passenger on beverage. However, after I took this picture, I felt that it was almost the same as what I took the Sinkansen cart girl when I was in Japan February 2008 (see reference at

Anyway, this is the meal served in Cathay Pacific -- Shrimp Black Pepper Sauce with egg fried rice and vegetables -- so Hong Kong !!! You can notice later that Hong Kong Dish which cooked with brown sauce or soy sauce can be topped on egg fried rice perfectly ...

The taste is so full -- and more full with a young green pepper corn which was added to enhance the aroma of black pepper !!!

By the way, if you notice at the top right hand corner of left picture, you can see Japanese Green Tea ... I just knew that there is Japanese Green Tea available in Economy Class of Cathay Pacific. As the flight attendance said, "We have everything -- just ask." ... That's why I always like flying with Cathay Pacific !!!

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