Sunday, January 4, 2009

J.CO Donuts & Coffees

This is another food chain named 'J.CO Donuts & Coffees' which I accidentally found at Raffles City Shopping Centre. I can't help mentioning about it since it reminds me to Thailand Daddy's Dough -- reference :

J.CO Donuts & Coffees claims itself to be international premium donuts & coffees brand -- offers unique & original mixed flavours of donuts & beverages to consumer (unlike they have tasted before). J.CO first outlet was opented in Indonesia in 2005 then expaning to Malaysia & Singapore with franchising system.

Product available are donuts (which J.CO said it use ingredients from all over the world !!!), Yoghurt, Praline (chocolate), coffees, variety of blends (such as chocolate blend). Also introduce the new way of eating coffee which is 'dunk a donut in' ...
On my opinion, the taste of donuts is real -- What I mean is that Oreo is real, Chocolate is real and the dough itself is so soft & fluffy. Importantly, there is no artificial smell like other donut chain sometimes have ...

Another thing I like is that the way J.CO. named each flavour of donuts (written on signage front of each tray such as : Jacky Chunk (similar to Jacky Chan - famous HK star) : chunky chunk donut topping with chocolate make you go Haiiyahh !!!, Miss Green T : mirror mirror on the wall - who's the sexiest woman in the mall, etc. In addition, on each table at seating area, there is each name of donut flavour on - difference among table !!! This is such a good way to educate & create flavour awareness in deed ...

This includes a kind of open kitchen -- one section is near counter to show the finish up of donut such as topping almonds on and other section is at back of customer to show a baking process. Another interesting thing is that there is seperated sections from donuts and beverages -- System is to queue at the counter doghnut to order - pay at the end of counter including order beverage & drink and pay together - pick up whatever beverages you order at other counter (other side of outlet) - when you reach beverage counter, staff has prepared already according to your payment number !!!

J.CO Donuts & Coffees
2 branches in Singapore : Raffles City / Bugis Junction
More information about J.CO go to Website :

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