Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Central @ Clarke Quay - Japanese Food Bombarding (Part 1)

On the night I went to Clarke Quay, I also went to the new shopping mall name "The Central @ Clarke Quay". This building is in such a good location -- just opposite the restaurants / bars of Clarke Quay Side. You won't miss it since there is a lighting signage at the top of the building (if you are standing on the bridge)

The Central is the new building a combination of shopping mall & office building. However, it's not normal and I can't resist to mention about it. From what I see, lots of Japanese Influence happened strongly in this building (Both Outside & Inside)

It's not only Japanese Food but also Japanese Culture were created for shoppers (eaters) here. As soon as I stepped into this building (even from outside), there were signages including menus and visuals of Japanese food around. Not to mention about the inside which I saw a big hanging banner of one Japanese Band and a Japanese Souvenir Shop !!!

About food & restaurant, there is a kind of food court at top floor or restaurants which located at almost every units of each floor) -- Each try to advertise the name, menu, even what each dish look like ...

Right, Singapore has been bombarding with Japanese Food already !!! This is only one building ... There is also other food chain coming to Singapore -- which I will mention later.

Good thing is that some of them are real -- I mean a real coming from Japan Country of origin !!! How to prove ??? I would say it's a bit difficult for tourist but for local, they are able to check onto the website. For example : Ma Maison (which sell European Food in Japanese Style from Nagoya and Tokyo) or Ramen Santouka (from Hokkaido which I will mention next).

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